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DERIVE software for symmetric elliptic integrals
view DERIVE software for symmetric elliptic integrals
view MuPAD software for symmetric elliptic integrals
Maxima software for symmetric elliptic integrals test software test Carlson software
Paradise Valley Community College
Jim FitzSimons' home page

Mary Cosaboom's home page
Text Editor - HEX Editor - HTML Editor - Programmers Editor
UltraEdit-32 has been nominated for Best Application for the Shareware Industry Awards 2002.
This is a good text editor. VEDIT
This is a great FTP program. It is a necessary tool for any web designer.
WS_FTP Pro Evaluation Software runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP platforms and is available in English, French, German, Korean, and Spanish.
HTML Interactive Tutorial This tutorial is for anyone who is serious about learning HTML.WARNING this has popup ads.
Princess Press Home Page Jim's other web page
Here is the official W3C guide to HTML. It has no popup ads. Getting started with HTML

Antivirus software:

Norton antivirus update
F-PROT download F-PROT
You can get the latest database for viruses.
You can get the latest database for macro viruses.

Spybot detection software:

Steve Gibson's Shields UP!
Spybot-S&D, the best privacy software available!
Spy Sweeper is the Best Anti-Spyware Protection.
ZoneAlarm Pro Easy-to-use firewall blocks hackers and other unknown threats.

The Mathematical Assistant for Your PC DERIVE is the easiest to use, powerful CAS teaching tool.
more information
Dave's Math Tables
Saunders & Associates, Inc.

Link to Don Lancaster. PostScript

integer sequences


This is a small shareware terminal program.
It does work direct to a modem and TAPI.
It does work over a network using TCP/IP. In that mode it can FTP and
browse at the same time it is using telnet. NetTerm

Now you can put math on the Web. tth is a simple program.
It does work and it is fast.
TEX to html converter
TTH example Current version and the change list.
Here is an example of it at work.
TtHGold examples
Math Example
Larger Math Example
TEX Example
elliptic integral that occurs in particle physics
The length of a Bezier curve is an elliptic integral.
Carlson Elliptic Integral
Carlson c e
Carlson elliptic integral solutions
Carlson elliptic integral example
LaTeX example

MathType puts math on the internet also.

MATHML will put math on the internet someday.
MATHML examples

Everybody knows ZMODEM .
lynx is a free text browser. It does work and it is fast.
It is available for just about every platform.
Multi-Edit is a good text editor made here in Tempe.
They have a html editor which has good support.
Carl Sagan helped start the Planetary Society .


Welcome to Sojourners Online
Jacques Gaillot, évêque de Partenia
VFSKCW and Weak Signal Stuff
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